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Plans are underway for the Annual RHS Post Graduation Party….a safe, fun-filled event that our kids will remember for a lifetime.  Historically, over 90% of the graduating class attends the party, and our committee aims to make this year’s celebration the best ever!

RHS Post Grad Party
  • All members of the current year senior class may attend 

  • There is no charge for the event


  • The party goes from 10:00 pm to 3:30 am

  • For safety reasons, once a grad leaves the party they are NOT allowed to return. A chaperone will escort them to their car, if they need to retrieve a personal item(s) or put something in.

Each year the Post Graduation Committee selects a theme which is kept secret from the graduates. Many parent volunteers from all grade levels work together to plan a spectacular party, which includes auctions, games, DJ, entertainment, food, decorations, and more. The event is held at the Ridgefield Parks and Recreation Center, which is completely transformed for the evening in order to bring our ‘theme’ to life.

There is no charge for the seniors to attend, however, the event costs about $100 per student.  The Post Grad Party Committee raises all the funds through a combination of donations from parents of students in ALL grades and local merchants.

This is an all night DRUG and ALCOHOL FREE PARTY, which runs from 10:00 PM until 3:30 AM. This party has one purpose – to provide graduating seniors with a safe place to celebrate their achievement. Activities are planned carefully so that the evening is packed full with fun, encouraging them remain at the event throughout the night. The party will consist of carnival games, food, music, and several auction waves in which the students win fabulous prizes with “tiger money” they obtain by participating in various games and entertainment. In addition, each graduate will have a chance at grand prizes such as: laptop computers or flat panel TVs!

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